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Kibwe Barber


   Headliners Barbering Studio  is a family friendly Barber Shop established in 2020 by Award Winning Master Barber, Kibwe B.


    What started as a teen age hobby (ca. 1991) to make extra money, eventually turned into a positive way to express himself artistically. He later realized that it could became a lucrative career and a means to take care of himself and his family, so he then started taking it more serious.


  After attending Cincinnati's School of Barbering & Hair Design, completing the required 1800 hours of study & training and passing his State board exam in late 2001, he managed and worked in several thriving Barber Shops in Cincinnati for nearly 2 decades, making him a Master Barber and a veteran practitioner. His creativity and many years of experience is what helped him develop the "Barber's Eye". He believes that YOUR Barber is a reflection of YOU. So if YOUR standards are high then YOUR Barber's standards should be just as high. His work reflects his 'Passion To Make You Look Good..'With over 20 years of 'Hands On' practical, and customer service experience, you are sure to be satisfied with his services. To view his work and  portfolio follow him on all social media outlets (IG, FB, Twitter) @KibweBarber.


   Kibwe's focus is to maintain "Classic & Original" Barbering, where clean, sharp and flawless grooming is the norm.


  Kibwe understands the contemporary lifestyles and grooming needs of today's Man, Woman, and Child. He offers a range of services from basic and designer haircuts, steam towel shaves, and facials, to women’s eyebrow arches and much more. You can browse the 'Services and Pricing' page to see what service(s) may suit your grooming needs.

Headliners Barbering Studio has a Comfortable, Sanitized, and Safe environment, where all distancing and all safe standards are practiced, and all COVID-19 and sanitation rules set by the Ohio State Barber Board are strictly enforced.





     Go to the 'Book Kibwe' tab to schedule an appointment...

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